Tina Grabez

Tina Grabez

Ever since I was a little girl I've had an unquenchable thirst for beautiful things.

I enjoyed writing poems, painting on my grandma's canvases and soaking up stories from my father's travels.
Neil Gaiman's quote - "whatever happens - make good art" - was the motto I lived by.

My life was a never-ending quest to find beauty in everything surrounding me.

I split my time between acting classes and dance lessons, music school and art camps.

I was a sucker for urban city life, contemporary art scene, fashion and design.

Before I knew it - I had some stories to tell on my own.

All of my previous experiences have sculpted me into a filmmaker that I am today. Curious, modern, high-spirited and always inspired to create memorable visuals.

The art of storytelling is the great human gift.

Stay inspired.


Tina G.